Violence, Identity and Poverty

Author: Amartya Sen
Created: 2008
Country USA
Organisation Harvard University
Type pdf
Format pdf
Extent 12
Original Publication
Date 2008
The article discusses two main approaches to explaining violence in contemporary societies. Firstly, theories based on the culture of societies, among which the theory of the clash of civilisations is the most influential, attempt to explain violence by referring to antagonisms between collective identities. Secondly, theories of the political economy of power and inequality locate the cause of violence in economic factors. Poverty and inequality are importantly linked to violence, but must be seen together with divisions between factors such as nationality, culture and religion. In turn, these factors must not be based on a false image of solitary identities and unavoidable antagonisms between cultural groups. The article suggests that the coupling between cultural identities and poverty increases the significance of inequality and may contribute to violence.
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