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What’s in a Name? Language, Identity and the Politics of Resistance
A collection of presentations from a gathering of feminist, gender and LGBTI activists. This conference looked at the language used to articulate violence against women and the LGBTI community, particularly the highly contentious term ‘corrective rape
Created: 2011
Country South Africa
Added: 11 October 2013
Hate Crimes against LGBTI in South Africa: Homophobic Violence as Patriarchal Social Control
The report looks at the experiences of black lesbian women and transgender people, and the reporting of violence against these groups by the media.
Author: Peggy W. Y. Lee
Created: 2008
Added: 07 October 2013
Violence against Lesbians and LGBTI Rights in Africa
A resolution passed by the European Parliament on combating and addressing violence against LGBTI people, especially lesbian women, in light of the increasing levels of rape and assault in Africa.
Created: 2012
Country Belgium
Added: 09 October 2013
Every Eight Hours: Intimate Femicide in South Africa 10 Years Later!
A comparative investigation of cases of femicide in South Africa between 2008 and 1998, the year when the Domestic Violence Act came into effect.
Author: Naeemah Abrahams, Shanaaz Mathews, Rachel Jewkes, Lorna J Martin & Carl Lombard
Created: 2012
Country South Africa
Added: 08 October 2013