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What’s in a Name? Language, Identity and the Politics of Resistance
A collection of presentations from a gathering of feminist, gender and LGBTI activists. This conference looked at the language used to articulate violence against women and the LGBTI community, particularly the highly contentious term ‘corrective rape
Created: 2011
Country South Africa
Added: 11 October 2013
The Women’s Movement and Lesbian and Gay Struggles in South Africa
A critique of the feminist movements failure to address and prioritise lesbian issues, as well as issues relating to the broader LGBTI community. The writer also identifies South African law and patriarchy as contributing factors to violence.
Author: Mary Hames
Created: 2003
Country South Africa
Added: 09 October 2013
Sometimes X, Sometimes Y (Always Me): An Anthology of Lesbian Writing from South Africa
An anthology of poetry and other written works by lesbian women.
Created: 2006
Country South Africa
Added: 08 October 2013