Hate Crimes:the rise of corrective rape in South Africa

Author: Andrew Martin, Annie Kelly, Laura Turquet and Stephanie Ross.
Created: 2009
Country South Africa
Organisation Action Aid
Type pdf
Format pdf
Original Publication
Date march 2009
Owner Action Aid
This is an Action Aid report on the violence that happens to lesbian women in South Africa, including instances of corrective rape -when men rape lesbians, with the aim of changing them- it takes a look at the fact that 15years after democracy these things still happen. 
One of the case studies is that of Eudy, who was a national soccer player: raped, murdered and left in the field. Her friend Pretty relays her story in Case Study: Eudy and Pretty.
The report also looks at the failure of the ciminal justice system. In a poll of survivors of homophobic hate crimes in the Western Cape, 66% of women said they did not report their attack because they would not be taken seriously. Of these, 25% said they feared exposing their sexual orientation to the police and 22% said they were afraid of being abused.
This report looks at the way lesbians lives are being threatened even 15 years after democracy. 
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