orange day

24th monthly

Good day,

A call / challenge to all Gauteng NGO’s: ORANGE DAY: 25TH OF EVERY MONTH

Wear orange on Tuesday and during your VEP events!! Take a picture and send it to DSD. The above photo was taken at the DSD International Women’s Day 2014.

We are placing the following myth and truth on our communication to all DSD staff on Monday – you could do the same:

Myth: Violence is about anger and rage. The abuser is out of control.

Truth: There are many reasons it is obvious that an abuser is in control of his actions. He does not abuse other individuals. He waits until there are no witnesses and abuses the person he says he loves. The abuser very often escalates from pushing and shoving to hitting in places where the bruises and marks will not show. If he were "out of control" or "in a rage" he would not be able to direct or limit where his kicks or punches land.

Thank you